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No one should go through pain and suffering alone.
Through the love of Jesus Christ, find help and hope in one of our various support groups.


Encouragement. Direction. Hope. We believe that God's Word can help us find answers to all of life's troubling questions. If you find yourself facing a difficult time in your life, we would love to sit down with you to pray and offer Biblical support and guidance. Some of the areas of counseling we offer include: Marriage Parenting Children Financial Emotional What can you expect? Biblical guidance - We will encourage you to seek God's will in each and every matter of your life. Respect - We will listen to you, pray with you, and treat you respectfully. Privacy - Your privacy is very important to us. We will keep your information confident, except when we seek advice and opinion from our other counselors. What do you expect from me? Honesty - The best way for us to help guide you is for you to be completely honest with us. Homework - We will often assign homework to help you make practical steps toward a better situation. Commitment - Being on time to scheduled meetings and being consistent in communication will help us to help you. How much does it cost? We do not charge for counseling. Who will be counseling me? Our senior pastor, Steven Wilson, has a PhD in counseling and will handle most cases. Some other members of our staff may assist as well, depending on the individual or the particular need. How can I get started? Call us at 208-964-1569 Click here to send us an email We look forward to meeting you!

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